Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween

(c) Cliona O'Flaherty

This spread is part of a feature I styled for Food & Wine Magazine last Halloween and shows two fun ideas for desserts for kids. Get them to make an ice bowl by sitting one bowl inside a slightly bigger one. Fill the gap between them with water and pop some physalis in there also. Wrap the whole thing in cling film to keep the bowls in place and then freeze overnight. Sit the bowl in hot water to loosen the ice bowl from the centre. Use as a fun table centre bowl to serve ice cream in.

Another way to keep the kids occupied during the holidays is to get them involved in making a Croque en Bouche. Make (or buy!) lots of profiteroles. Fill with cream and dip in homemade caramel to coat (caramel should be left to the adults to make and handle as it gets dangerously hot). Once set, allow the kids to pile them high in a pyramid. Decorate with physalis and / or gold sugared almonds.

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