Thursday, June 25, 2009

Congratulations to Belleek

This week I trekked up to the beautiful village of Belleek in Co. Fermanagh for Belleek Pottery's Visitor's Centre 20th year celebrations. I had a fantastic time being shown around the factory to watch the amazing craftsmen at work and I even got to make a little shamrock myself - which was a little bit like cake decorating with icing actually (but very much doubt they'll be using it on any product they plan to sell though!). To top it all off we were all treated to an amazing lunch by chef Neven Maguire.
your flogging a dead horse there love!

awh, i didn't do too badly I guess!

Neven loves to use Belleek dinnerware for his food in photography and on tv so we were lucky enough to have a preview of a soon to be launched range which designer Maria has described as their 'Vera Wang' range of dinnerware! It certainly is, so I'm quite excited to use it shortly too.
Neven with Beleeks design team, Majella, Claire, Catherine & Marie

Neven & I with 'Vera Wang'!

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