Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Happy New Year to you. I hope you had lovely celebrations over christmas and new year. I have had a lovely time and a really great break.

Now, I'm currently easing myself very slowly back into the real world. I'm not officially back to work until next monday but I've been chipping away this week at the annual office overhaul. It's no mean feat this year as I've recently had an office move which never really got unpacked and am setting up a new computer system too so lots and lots of slow and tedious stuff to do.

So with this spring clean to be distracted from I have found this game's food related and more to the point it's making me feel a little less guilty for my greedy over-indulgences over the holiday. You simply answer questions (good for gearing the brain back up!) and for every correct one a grain of rice goes to the UN World Food Programme towards helping reduce world hunger. A good way to start the new year me thinks....CLICK TO PLAY

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