Saturday, February 6, 2010

Denny Repackaging

Denny (an Irish institution for rashers and sausages!) commissioned photographer Cliona O'Flaherty (along with fabulous assistant Aoife of course) and I to style and shoot the food for the repackaging of their extended range of products (that go well beyond breakfast). That's what this post was all about. It is all to tie in with Denny's 'Home Is' campaign which is sweeping the nation!

We worked with the talented team from Wonderland WPA in London who designed the packs, gave us lots of ever-professional briefs, acted as fabulous models, drank LOTS of tea and ate lots of 'toasted specials'!

The brief was to use a very lifestyley and homely feel that used real people in real life situations. I even sometimes had my hand smacked for making things look too neat and 'styled', for God's sake! We had barmy conversations about why we were eating a particular product in a certain situation. The scenario had to make sense and be relative for all of us to be happy with the shot. Just like actors on stage i guess, where you have to believe it yourself if you want anyone else to! So yes, the food definitely looks real and very approachable for consumers.

So the first phase of new packs were launched a couple of weeks ago (so how excited were we all!?). Since then, we've all been like inspector clueso around supermarkets and snapping excitedly when we see the packs displayed (to strange looks of other shoppers). But more about that in future posts. In the meantime, heres a sample of a before and after of what we achieved.

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