Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baking Bonanza

A girls dream come true - a recent two days spent in an amazing bakery in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary called Quigley's. It was fantastic to see cakes being produced in vast quantities - I drooled over cream buns, ginger bread men, apple slices, fairy cakes, carrot cakes and white chocolate cookies and that was just for starters - a total cake fest!

Ginger bread men are in
big demand in nenagh!

Professor O'Flaherty & Head Chef Aoife

Oh, & I wasn't auditioning for the next 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory', I was actually working, jammy job eh?! Cliona O'Flaherty was the ever amazing photographer (who only complained at the end, of a very sore finger from pressing that button all those times!) and was assisted by the fabulous Aoife Herrity.

We all looked like doctors in our gorgeous personality stripping white coats. In fact some of the staff thought we were doing a project for 'school' (if only!). We snapped lots of fun photos for our scrapbooks too...

Yum Yum

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