Tuesday, September 16, 2008

one very electric picnic

Well, it's been a couple of weeks now but i have finally got around to wiping the muddy memories from my wellies. I had a fantastic time at electric picnic; can you believe I landed a totally jammy job there? Rachel Allen was head-lining in the cookery tent (rock and roll!) and I went along to set up for her. Marty, the husband, otherwise known as 'the boy' (he'll kill me!), came along as my trusty assistant. So the camping gear joined the usual pot & pan paraphenalia in the car and we were off.

Rachel showed hundreds of revellers how to cook a quick gazpacho. Then she got some punters up to cook a posh steak & chanterelle dish with her. We won't talk about the very drunk punter who revealed his own hip flask of whisky for flambeeing while his long silky kaftan sleeves flapped around the flames, yikes! Then, while we handed out hundreds of umbrella clad cocktails, which marty had been busy making, Rachel finished off with some Flirtini cocktails. We also managed to rope in some guys from the Bacardi tent to come and do their very best Tom Cruise on cocktail making. HOT!

Our other foody feasts at electric picnic included a delicious lunch at 'soon to be in Dublin' Pie Minster, a 'not quite the same as the restaurant' pot of pad Thai in Diep and a yummy breakfast of cup cakes at the farmers market. Even the drunken burger (from Rocket and Relish) on the way back from rocking out with Franz Ferdinand on Saturday night was posh! Electric Picnic also created food awards in conjunction with Bridgestone Food Guides for the exceptional line up of food traders at the event. For those of you who don't know it, this is a muddy music festival we're taking about! Altogether a very flash music (and food!) festival.

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