Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snowy Supper

So it's a snow work day! Sounds great in principle and brings back amazing memories of being sent home from school because of burst pipes, but in reality missing work because of it now means for me the diary being thrown into all sorts of disarray. I'm furiously trying to get work done for upcoming jobs so that I can free future days up to give back to the postponed jobs.

Anyhow, at least it's all happening in the comfort of my PJ's and bed hair (something I never normally do when working from home, promise!). It also means I can sneek some time to catch up on some blogging (once and for all) and most importantly cook lots of comforting snowy suppers. Here's a favourite recipe from the new Superquinn cookbook (which is now reduced instore to about E15 I think and so makes an excellent christmas pressie!) as promised. This is delicious just on it's own even!

Irish stoved potatoes with vintage Cheddar

This is a variation on the traditional way of cooking potatoes in a cast-iron frying pan over an open fire. They’re delicious on their own with just a salad or try serving simply with grilled fish or a steak.

(c) Harry Weir

Serves 4

675g (1 1/2lb) potatoes
knob of butter
1 tbsp olive oil
2 onions, thinly sliced
100g (4oz) vintage Cheddar cheese, grated
maldon sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Peel the potatoes and slice thinly on a mandolin or with a very sharp knife.

Heat the butter and oil in a heavy-based frying pan that is about 20cm (8in) in diameter and about 5cm (2in) deep. Remove from the heat and cover the base with a layer of the potatoes.

Add a layer of onions over the potatoes and another of grated cheese, seasoning generously as you go. Continue these layers, finishing with a layer of potatoes and a sprinkling of cheese.

Cover tightly with tin foil and cook over a very low heat for 45 minutes to 1 hour until potatoes on top are just cooked through with pierced with a sharp knife.

Preheat the grill. Uncover the stoved potatoes and place straight under the grill for 2-3 minutes to brown. Serve straight from the pan.

Chef’s top tip –Choose firm-fleshed potatoes for this recipe such as Roosters or Maris Piper as they will keep their shape during cooking and don’t break up. Of course this recipe could also be baked in the oven if you’d prefer.


Nessa Robins said...

Looks delicious, Sharon and a lighter alternative to garlic potatoes. Must try this out!
I was wondering alright what 'foodie pics' would be good taken in the snow. I had 2 of my boys posing with their hot chocolates yesterday for the blog. I'm stuck for what else might be good??

Sharon Hearne-Smith said...

nessa...hhmm...maybe gloved hands holding mugs of hot soup, flasks with nice hot drinks against tartan rugs, or holding rustic bowls of stew or casseroles snuggly close to a well wrapped person??

Nessa Robins said...

Thanks Sharon. Loads of great ideas!

Harry Weir Photography said...
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Harry Weir Photography said...

Sorry about that, had posted before i wrote... Im a Bad Blogger. Now to what i wanted to say- Not Fair Sharon, i ant had my lunch yet and this was so tasty.... I made the sausage rolls from the book last night. Not as good as yours Sharon, but were still yummmmy, Harry.